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The Intraday Options Scalper allows you to track the intraday motion of the front-week option chain for several popular stocks, going back to March 2011, and utilize hands-on analysis tools to chart and visualize the data to help you maximize your understanding (and hopefully, profit) from these magical instruments!

The Intraday Options Scalper stores historical options data, including the Price, Volume, Open Interest, and Best Bid and Offer of the front-week options contracts for several popular stocks, and stores this information to help you analyze day trades on historical data. Along with the intraday options graphs, we also provide visualization tools allowing you to see how the price of any option spread, including butterfly spreads, iron condor spreads, vertical spreads, and so forth, changes throughout each day of the week. Also, options in the monthly series are tracked starting on the week in which they become the front-month contract (i.e. if Friday is July 1, then the options expiring on July 15 are recorded starting on June 27).

Testing backtrades is a popular way to validate your strategies, and the dearth of intraday options data has been frustrating to those of us who, say, want to know more about trading butterflies on the Friday of expiration week on the same day that the stock reported earnings. This site has been helped to fulfill the need of an eager developer to do intraday backtrade testing, and we hope you find it useful too!

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